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Your Free Estimate

Call or Inquire Online for our junk removal service by providing your contact information, a description of the items you're looking to dispose of, and pictures for a accurate estimate. We will either provide a ballpark quote based on your description or arrange a estimate in person for accurate pricing. If you agree to the price provided, we will haul off your clutter on the spot.

What's included?

AG TRANSPORTATION LLC is a paid service that offers full-service junk removal. This means that everything is included in the price from picking up your items, loading, sweeping up your new cleared space, to handling any disposal or recycling fees. 

How pricing works

Pricing for our hauling services is based on how much space your items take up in the truck. Pricing starts at a minimum pick up for single items, all the way up to a full truckload, measured in 1/8th increments. Additional charges for clean outs or specialty items may apply, all of which will be disclosed of prior to service, so you have no surprises at the end!

Special offers

We offer numerous special promotions throughout the year, like inquiring online about your free estimate! Year round we offer Veteran & Senior Discounts. We also offer a discount for Curbside Pickups. Other ways to save? Like & Follow our social media to see when our next promotion is for your Junk Removal needs!




 Whether you can no longer park your car in the garage, or your guest room has become a storage area rather than an extra living space, it may be time to clear the clutter using our junk removal service.

Unwanted Furniture

Removing old furniture can be a burden. It can be heavy, awkward, or both. Even if you manage to have help, you still need to dispose of it or donate it. Our hauling services are equipped to handle such pieces and donate or dispose of properly.

Construction Debris

 Unfortunately, construction materials are not the kind of stuff you can often leave out for the city to pick up. After your Home renovation, Call us for our hauling services to remove old cabinets, drywall scraps, leftover wood, and trash. 

Clean Out Services

Clean Out Services are often due when there is an eviction, home was abandoned, the previous tenant left the home trashed, or someone passed away. No matter the reason, We come in to bag everything up, clear out EVERYTHING from bulky furniture to clearing out cabinets. We donate & recycle what we can, and properly dispose of the rest! 

Curbside pick up

Capable of getting the junk out yourself but no way to dispose of it? Perhaps the city won't take it? Since you provided the labor, we'll provide the discounts. Earn up to 15% Off 

Storage unit clean out

Storage units are meant to act as a temporary storage solution for overflow items you don't need right away. However, they often become our over sized "junk drawer" for items we likely will never need again. The worst part? They cost an arm & leg to maintain, monthly! Let us save you hundreds by clearing out your "over sized junk drawer" for you.

Commercial junk removal

Is your office downsizing, relocating, swapping out old furniture with new, or closing shop? We can help with the stress by clearing out the unwanted items in a timely manner so you and your team can better focus on your transition. 


Household Cleaners

Common household cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, and drain cleaners. 

Herbicides & Pesticides

We don't accept these as they often are mixed in with trash and aren't visible during disposal. Both products are very harmful to the environment if improperly disposed of and to us if spilled.


Paint not only requires specific recycling, but can also be very messy if it leaks or spills. We only accept Paint if Paint Hardener has been mixed in properly.

Car Fluids

Gasoline, oil, coolant, and all other car fluids must be taken to proper recycling centers for special disposal. 

Fireworks, Guns & Ammo, Pressurized Containers

For safety reasons, we do not load or transport fireworks, firearms, or ammunition. Due to potential risk, we can not take pressurized containers such as propane tanks (even empty), air tanks, and aerosol cans. 

Biohazard Items

Toxic or Hazardous materials must be handled properly, such as pharmaceuticals, items with traces of feces or blood, needles, infectious waste, used medical treatment items.

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